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Welcome to Japan's leading resort destination- Miyakojima, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the Far East through many fun activities. At Palm Springs Miyakojima Resort, we offer petit hotels and villa types to demand your needs.
Please spend a relaxing time while being healed by the blue sea and the white sand beach of Miyakojima.

  • Petit Hotel Stay

    From couple to family, we offer a varied selection of spacious and well equipped rooms for a wide range of guests .

  • Villa Stay

    Feel like you are at home when staying at one of our Villas! Let's surround yourself with sea and greenery while enjoying your private, comfortable time at Miyakojima.

  • Car Rental

    Make the most of your vacation with our Rental Car Service. Explore unique accomodation plans only available at Palm Springs Miyakojima Resort, including the Room and Rental Car Plan.

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Whether it is for a short or a long stay, Would you like to experience a stay that feels like you are living in Miyakojima?

  • 01 Well-equipped 01 Well-equipped

    From basic amenties to your own kitchen, fridge, microwave, washing machine, and bath dehumidifier, every room is fully equipped like your own home. Recommended for a long term stay.

  • 02 Walking distance to the Sea 02 Walking distance to the Sea

    Our hotels are conveniently located within walking distance to the beach. Take a walk under the sun, or watch the sunset on the beach, you may just find your favorite scenery here.

  • 03 Private Stay 03 Private Stay

    Limited numbers of rooms, providing with private stay at Miyakojima island as you expected. All like living there as local people, without caring about anything, anybody. Just Enjoy the free and relax time.

  • 04 Recommended Activities 04 Recommended Activities

    Each room is equipped with a washing machine and drying system, so you can enjoy marine sports to the fullest. Explore Miyakojima Island with our unique Room and Rental Car Plan.



Create your own wonderful memory of the beautiful white sand and blue water Miyakojima beach.

  • Sunayama Beach

    Refresh your mind and body while feeling the sea breeze

  • Yoga on the beach

    Feel the change of time from dusk till dawn

  • Pine Rental Car

    Go for a drive, feel the wind blow

  • Miyakojima night sky

    View the starry night sky through the window