Make your stay in Miyakojima more valuable. We are waiting for you with unique facilicites and services at Palm Springs Miyakojima Resort.

Spacious rooms

Each petit hotel room is 30 or 40 square meters, and the villa type is 83~ square meters. These spacious rooms will make you feel like you live in Miyakojima.

Kitchen equiped with cooking utensiles and dishes.

The kitchen is fully equipped so you can cook and enjoy Okinawan food inside your room. We also provide a microwave, a kettle as well as a 2 door refrigerator.

The bathroom and the restroom are separeted.

Relax and enjoy our large bathrooms. Equipped with both a large bathtub and a place where you can wash yourself, this place is perfect for families with children.

Washing machine and dryer

Each room is equipped with a washing machine and a dryer which makes it convenient for people who practice marine activities and have wet clothes that need to dry quickly.

High quality amenities

Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Tooth Brush, and all other necessary amenties are provided.

24 hours Call Center

Our Call Center is reachable 24/7 so please do not hestitate to call us if you need any assistance regarding the facilities or services.

Free parking lot

Our guests can use our private parking lot for free.

The best choice for leisure

Our objective is to make our guests enjoy privacy during their stay and feel like home. Therefore, we do not disturb our guests during their stay and do not enter their room.

Free Wi-fi

Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms. Guests can enjoy fast Internet.

Car rental discounts

Our partnership with Pine rent-a-car allows us to offer cheaper prices to our guests.

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